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Bunjil or Wang the eagle, and Waa the crow are totemic birds of the local Wurundjeri people. They are symbols of where you fit into the kinship or social organisation of the clan. Many Waa live in and visit Wybejong, Wang drops in occasionally for a feed.

The Wurundjeri people take their name from the Woiwurrung language name wurun meaning the Manna Gum Eucalyptus viminalis which grows along Riddells Creek and djeri the grub which is found around the tree. The Wurundjeri are the Witchetty Grub people.

BIRD LIST for WYBEJONG PARK (a work in progress)


  • Australian Raven

  • Australasian Grebe

  • Black Duck

  • Black Pacific Duck

  • Blackbird

  • Black-faced

  • Cuckoo-shrike

  • Boobook Owl

  • Crimson Rosella

  • Dusky Moorhen

  • Eurasian Coot

  • Eastern Spinebill

  • Eastern Yellow Robin

  • Galah

  • Gang Gang Cockatoo early winter flock

  • Grey Falcon

  • Grey Fantail

  • Grey Shrike

  • Thrush Ibis

  • Kookaburra

  • Magpie

  • Magpie Lark

  • Mistletoe Bird

  • Musk Lorikeet - seasonal New Holland Honeyeater

  • Pied Currawong – altitudinal migrant, here in autumn

  • Pigeon, Domestic and Top Knot

  • Plover – Masked Lapwing flies over calling at night

  • Red Browed Firetail

  • Shining Bronze Cuckoo

  • Silver Eye

  • Sparrow

  • Spotted Pardalote

  • Striated Pardalote

  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

  • Superb Blue Wren

  • Wedge-tailed Eagle

  • White-naped Honeyeater

  • White-faced Heron

  • White-throated Tree Creeper

  • Yellow-faced Honey Eater

  • Yellow Robin

  • Yellow-rumped Thornbill

  • Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

  • The odd white goose and occasionally a black swan also hang out in Wybejong

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